Lucian von den wilden Rabbits and Steffi

I remember clearly the day I wrote to Steffi asking if she would send a pup

to the USA. Steffi wrote me back and gave me the answer I was hoping

for...YES! The next two months were filled with wonderful e-mails detailing

every aspect of the pups growth and personalities. I have to say it was the

most rewarding experience I've had in buying a dog. 


When Lucian finally arrived in Seattle, we were anxiously awaiting him. We

could hear him whimpering inside the Scandinavia Airlines warehouse...he had

to GO! He'd been on the airplane for nine hours! Gradlyn Kennels was used to

ship him here and they did a wonderful job. As soon as he was done relieving

himself he just made himself at home in our Suburban, sleeping between our

two boys, on our two hour trip back to Lake Oswego, Oregon.  


I've never known such a wonderful German Shepherd...he's everything that I

have ever dreamed of in a German Shepherd. He's full of energy and drive, yet

quiet in the house and car. He has one of the most stable temperaments that

I've ever seen in this breed; which I've owned since 1972. One thing we

especially love and admire about him is his devotion to the entire family and

not just one of us. I have to compliment Steffi on breeding such a wonderful

representative of this breed. He has filled a place in our hearts forever. 


I not only gained a great dog, but also a wonderful friend and breeder in

Steffi. Steffi is a very honest and trustworthy person...a true friend of the

German Shepherd.  

Kim Henry

Lake Oswego, Oregon USA